About Toby

Born into a multilingual artistic family, Toby was bathed in Classical music throughout his childhood. He picked up the cello at 7, and completed 20 years of study –first in his native Burgundy, then Paris, and finally Montreal– which culminated in a Bachelor’s degree in both Cello and Music Theory from McGill University.

Feeling somewhat unsatisfied by all that his education had left out, he then proceeded to go travel the roads of Europe, busking and discovering a whole new world of improvised music, freely exploring all the possibilities and techniques the cello has to offer, without limitations and with a deeper connection to the people and places that he encountered along the way.

He soon established himself in Ljubljana where he met and worked with exciting musicians of all kinds; he developed a fascination for the folk music(s) of the Balkans and their intense, raw emotion, and, through regular participation in EthnoHistEria and the attendant Floating Castle festival, has come to live and work in the wider European folk scene, playing Americana one night and Balkan-Ethno-Jazz the next, while making time for British folk songs and French dances.

He now has no fixed base, bouncing between Slovenia, Belgium, France, the UK and even further afield to Uzbekistan and China, Iran and Canada, Sweden and the US, wherever the road takes him and the music leads him.

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