Hannah James and Toby Kuhn

Hannah & Toby-12

In the summer of 2018 at Ethno Histeria I met the singer, accordionist and clog-dancer Hannah James. After a rather emotional (=crying my eyes out) concert of hers, I asked her if she needed a cellist… and a few days later we sat down to jam. From the first note we knew that we had to work together, and so our duo was born. Composing together is extremely satisfying –we seem to understand each other perfectly– and this translates very well on the stage: from soulful and powerful songs to energetic original tunes, our music twines together to touch deep in the human soul and leaves audiences in rapture (modesty notwithstanding). We’re touring regularly, mostly in the UK, but plan much, much more.

She was kind enough to invite me to collaborate with her very high-level Jigdoll Ensemble on their newest album The Woman and Her Words, released in 2019 to rave reviews. We released our first duo album Sleeping Spirals in 2021.

Our website at hannahtobymusic.org
Contact: hannahclogbox@gmail.com and tobyscello@tobyscello

Listen and purchase Sleeping Spirals here

Listen and purchase The Woman and Her Words here

Woman and Her Words cover