In March of 2020, in Istanbul, a recording happened. It was an experience and a half, and is maybe one of the best one-offs I’ve been a part of!

It was through this that I met the members of Seyyah (“Traveller”), a mix of Turkish and European musicians working at the highest level, bringing a fresh taste of traditional music to the table (along with some rakı, οf course). Central members Ceren Kaçar (voice), Ozan Demir (kaval, saz, zurna etc. etc.), and Gabriel Meidinger (violin) play with such enthusiasm and love that anyone else in the band is swept along with them. A year later brought us back together with Jonas Pour (tambura) and Kerem Can Aslan (Percussion) for a three-week residency to self-record an album. The mix of traditionals and originals, east and west, is transcended by a deep understanding of human emotion and attachment to musical excellence, making me very proud to be a part of this, even just travelling through!

Expect the album in 2022 along with a host of other videos from master filmmaker Stephan Talneau.