Solo (Musings)

…with Frescobaldi and Palestrina.

Following a spur-of-the-moment concert in Japan in 2013, and following up on five years of intense busking on my own, I’m working on some Solo stuff. Quite a few performances in and I’m still in the early stages, but the project is starting to take shape.  You can get a flavor here (recorded in march ’15 in NY), however things are (very much) still evolving. The music is a mix of pure impro and some more fixed stuff, which varies wildly depending on public and venue (which is the point).

I’m on hiatus from solo work in public because of the time and attention that my collaborations take, but this is the form that a lot of my practicing at home takes, and as such I’m ready at a moment’s notice to take to the stage again (book me now!)

I will likely be releasing some kind of album of my solo work in 2022, look out for it!