Kate in the Kettle Quintet


I started working with the talented, generous and touching fiddler/singer Kate Young at Floating Castle festival in 2015. Her music and arrangments for string quintet are a delight and a thorough pleasure to perform, bringing a balance between our shared experience of classical chamber music and folk fiddling. Rearranged Bulgarian songs and Scottish tunes appear amid her original songs, all of which carry the beauty that has made her a musical force to be reckoned with. Added to the crew are a fabulous lineup, consisting of Sofia Högstadius, Claudia Schwab, and a rotating roster of violists including (above) Lolita Ponce and (below) Barja Drnovšek. A few concerts and festivals in Slovenia and Sweden in 2016, and back in Floating Castle in 2017 and 2018, are the promise of more to come!

In 2019 Kate recorded an album with quintet and harp, drums and bass, set to be released soon, with Sofia and Claudia and a crew of exceptional UK-based musicians.

website: kateyoungmusic.com
contact: info@kateyoungmusic.com