Bipolar Bows

190301-lotte remmen-2372 kopie

In the summer of 2016 I met Old Salt’s violinist Lotte Remmen. We immediately connected to each other on account of our similar musical voyage as lapsed-Classical turned folk-jazz-jamming musicians. What started as a study project, a challenge to explore as many musical styles and technical tricks as we could get our hands on, became in 2019 a real touring stage band, resulting in a mosaic of Classical and Traditional, Jazz and Funk, tunes from the Balkans to the Appalachians, mottled with originals and improvisations from the deepest corners of our curiosity-driven brains.

In January 2020 we recorded our first album, Krunčhug, released in November of the same year, to good reviews and even an award for Most Promising Band at the Flanders Folk awards! We recorded most of it with a live audience during an afternoon concert in studio, and we are both very proud of the result!! It was recorded by Leander Meuris, mixed by Adam Pietrykowsky and mastered by Pieter DeWagter; designed by Jan Cel’uch, it features artwork by Katanari. You can listen to and buy it through this link