The paths I have chosen have brought knowledge in various forms, and I enjoy passing it on any chance I get. I have explored new cello techniques like chopping, soloing and various plucking and fingerpicking styles; I am also proficient in music theory and analysis, and am actively discovering the worlds of arranging.

So far, this is what I have to offer:

-I am available for cello lessons anytime, anywhere. I’m also available for online lessons anywhere, anytime (but more so).

-I give workshops on theory and arrangement, both by myself and in conjunction with Petra Onderufová (of Wild Strings Trio) who brings her expertise in Jazz for strings into the mix.

I invite you to check my tour dates to know when I can be found where (mostly BE, FR, SLO, UK), and to contact me! Also, feel free to just come up to me and ask for a lesson.