Photo credits

Most of the pictures on this website are by Jan Prpič,
The photos on the long and short bio pages are by Tadej Čauševič,
The sun+sea photos by Stephan Talneau at
Hannah+Toby pictures by Eric at
Bipolar Bows in Muzikantenhuis picture by Filip Verpoest, and BB in LO Pétillante by Peter Frings.
The epic Old Salt and owl picture is by Jonathan Wannyn.
The picture of my cello being checked out, and the main header pic (above) are by Simão Bessa.
The picture of my cello in the forget-me-nots, and the Wannyn vinyl collection are by me.

Sadly, a few on here are sitting on my computer, and I’m unaware of who the photographer is.
If your picture appears on this website without my crediting you, please contact me, I am more than happy to remedy the situation. If you feel your work is being used abusively, I will make sure to take it down immediately.